STJ Consult believe that expanding the business and providing solutions to foster financial growth are the most effective ways to yield a successful business. Providing our clients with the right resources, skills, technical assistance, and capital to succeed is central to our philosophy. This philosophy is supported by our mission, which helps us achieve our vision and our core values that would serve as the focus of our organization and define how we provide our services.


Our Mission

At STJ Consult, our mission is to effectuate the financial and business goals of our clients. We provide consulting, training, and lending to our clients to help them succeed in strengthening and growing their businesses through sustainable sales, financial knowledge, and outsourcing.


It is also our commitment to meticulously bolster the financial aspect of our clients’ businesses to maximize performance, improve efficiency, and minimize financial liabilities and loss. Once the financial aspects of the company are stabilized, it will add significant value to our clients’ investment and business, fully meeting and exceeding their expectations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide sustainable economic opportunities for clients in Belgium. We aim to make an impact on the success and everyday dealings of our client’s business, with something we have given them, taught them, or inspired them to do.


Our Core Values:


  • We do things right

We always provide our services with integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Moreso, we put our clients first in every solution we create.


  • We think long term

We engage in scrupulous decision making and believe that investment and long-term growth should be the basis of our decisions.


  • We work together to achieve common goals

We always treat our clients and affiliates as life-long partners. Hence, we always show respect and humility towards them. We believe that creating a supportive work environment cultivates teamwork, efficient collaboration, and effective communication.


  • We strive for excellence

In every service we provide, we always make an extra effort, learn and improve continuously, and stay flexible to adapt to various changes in situations.


  • We are employee-centric

We cultivate an environment that provides flexibility and opportunity for growth, while also requiring accountability and responsibility.


  • We put clients first

We will remain a privately owned, independent firm to make sure that we act in the best interest of our clients and stakeholders.