There are many reasons why organizations and business owners in Belgium and beyond choose to work with our expert consultants at STJ Consult. Among them is our capability to advance our clients’ business to the next level of growth and effectiveness. With the satisfaction that they get from our service, we’ve made a lot of long-term relationships with our clients. That is why we are beyond honored to connect with our clients every day.

Get to know more reasons why you should choose STJ Consult:

Decades of Combined Experience

Our expert consultants have three decades of experience in providing comprehensive project and financial management to SMEs and large organizations in Belgium. With our solid collective experience, we offer a variety of solutions that would effectively put your business and financial investments to scale.

Personalized Approach

We never settle for a generalized approach in every work we do. Since our goal is to achieve our client’s success, we see to it that the strategies/plans we create should be in line with their goals and needs. We do this by listening to them first, then act.


Our employees may not be big in numbers as we only employ a small core staff. However, they have high expertise in financial and project management already. Thus, we can provide a more efficient approach to giving you the services you need when you need them.

Your Business First

Our expert consultants don’t just get to know your business apathetically. Instead, we take it seriously and want to help your company genuinely in reaching its potential. We invest in every project that you work on. Our programs will provide your business with a clear road map to increase productivity, efficiency, and overall communication.

Assess, Align, Achieve

At STJ Consult, we follow a specific approach that is highly effective in realizing our clients’ success and direction. First thing we do is to assess your current state based on strengths and opportunities. Then, we align your people, processes, and priorities to a strategy. As we do these things, we will be able to achieve your goals, your objectives, and your desired outcome.

Commitment to Quality

Our expert consultants settle for nothing but the best, especially when it comes to the services we offer. We’ve worked hard to find the best solutions to manage and grow our clients’ finances and start-up the project smoothly, leaving no room for failure.

We’re one of the very few consulting firms who can confidently offer you the full package of our consulting services, making us stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our team of highly trained professionals can bring you the absolute best management to all your financial and project management needs. Unlike other competing service providers, we’re not just the hired help. We work closely alongside you as a partner, giving you a unique and personalized touch to your business needs.

See for yourself how our team of consultants can make a difference to your business. Send us an email today at